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Lawyer Daniel S. Khwaja profile photoDaniel S. Khwaja Lawyer Ratings on AvvoAttorney Daniel S. Khwaja practices primarily in the areas of Foreclosure Defense, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Eviction Defense, and Criminal Defense in the state of Illinois. Mr. Khwaja offers personalized and compassionate legal service, and works with clients in all financial situations.

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Worried that you don't have the money to afford a lawyer? Daniel S. Khwaja, Attorney at Law, offers very affordable rates for legal services. Simply stated, we don’t want you to try to fight the banks alone because you can’t pay a lawyer to take your case.

Flexible Payment Options - Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Credit Cards payment available except for Bankruptcy Services

Simple - Flat Fees*
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Flat fee of $1,800* | Residential Foreclosure Defense:  6-month Flat fee of $2,400* OR 12-month Flat fee of $4,800* | Criminal Defense: Please inquire within. | *Fees listed are in US Dollars ($) and exclude applicable and separate court filings fees, court costs, etc. | Credit Card payments accepted except for Bankruptcy Services | Flexible Payment Options Available

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Whether you are facing foreclosure, the possibility of eviction, or bankruptcy, you owe it to yourself and your family to have legal guidance to help you protect your rights and exercise your options so you can start enjoying life again. Help is available, and you will work directly with attorney Daniel S. Khwaja throughout your case.

  • New Foreclosure Rules Mortgage Foreclosure: Daniel Khwaja on Gilbert and New Rules - LawTalkRadio with Nick Augustineilforeclosurelawyer.com law talk radio imageNew Illinois Supreme Court rules take effect on May 1, 2013 that were specifically crafted for Mortgage Foreclosure as a result of ongoing issues. The new rules follow recent decisions, namely the Gilbert decision and its modifications.
    Our guest, Daniel Khwaja, a mortgage foreclosure defense attorney, presents key legal updates.
    Questions and topics covered on this show
    1. A brief history of the Gilbert case and generally how its holding affects mortgage foreclosure law
    2. The Gilbert opinion was recently modified. What updates should mortgage foreclosure lawyers understand?
    3. Introduction to new Supreme Court rules and tell us how the Court used Gilbert in drafting the new rules.
    4. A road map of the important rules for Mortgage Foreclosure attorneys...

    Listen to full interview

  • Families Facing Foreclosure Attorney Daniel Khwaja explains the Gilbert decision requiring banks to file correct and complete complaints - ChicagoNow - by Nick Augustineilforeclosurelawyer.com interview logo imageShouldn’t the banks be forced to have all their ducks in a row before foreclosing? The Illinois Court of Appeals for the Second District thinks so. When foreclosure defense attorney, Dan Khwaja, sent me
    a message on Facebook about the Gilbert holding I suspected there would be large fallout.

    Khwaja: “While most of the plaintiff’s attorneys for the banks were initially aware of the Gilbert decision, none of the foreclosure defense attorneys knew about Gilbert.” Why is this case such a big deal? Khwaja said, “My personal opinion is while this is a game changer in DuPage County, it may not have as strong of an effect in Cook County where they largely ignore many of these informalities...


  • Real Estate Law Mortgage Foreclosure and Standing to Sue - An Article By Steven B. Bashawilforeclosurelawyer.com law scales image

    Recent cases have wrestled with a critical question in the "foreclosure crisis:" when do and don't lenders have standing to foreclose on homeowners? Cases are all over the map. Here's a review, and a thought about why it's important.

    We have just completed five years of the so-called

    "mortgage foreclosure crisis." A recurring legal issue over that time - who has standing to file and prosecute a suit to foreclose a mortgage - has spawned a significant body of appellate decisions. Some cases favor lender plaintiffs, others borrower defendants. Here's a look a key rulings.

    Lack of standing and "affirmative defense"

    The case that began the standing debate was Bayview Loan Servicing, L.L.C. v. Nelson, 382 Ill. App.3d 1184; 890 N.E.2d 940 (5th Dist. 2008). The court held that the...


  • Foreclosure Q & AFree Questions & Answer Section - Publicly Submitted Questions Answered by Attorney Daniel S. Khwajailforeclosurelawyer.com Foreclosure Questions and Answers image

    This section features user questions publicly submitted to The Legal Brief ™ Newsletter, this site or to various legal sites of which Attorney Daniel S. Khwaja is associated or a registered member lawyer.

    Foreclosure Questions:

    1. I need to foreclose on rental properties and need to know if the banks can come after the equity I have with my home I own?

    2. Does a foreclosure take care of a lis pendens? What does an IN REM Deficiency mean?...


  • DSK Wins Reversal:Appellate Reversal: U.S. Bank v. Hernandez
    - 2nd District Appellate Court of Illinois, October 2017
    Illinois Foreclosure Lawyer Daniel S. Khwaja Chicago - Illinois Court of Appeals Audio File Image

    The matter of U.S. Bank v. Hernandez (Reversal Won):, Attorney Daniel S. Khwaja's appeal as counsel-of-record successfully agrued to the Second District Appellate Court of Illinois.

    Two Important Issues:

    The first is standing, and the second is 24 C.F.R. 203.604 of the Code of Federal Regulations. It was Attorney Khwaja's position that the use of Federal Express as the method to send the letter was insufficient under the law and did not meet its substantive requirements....


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If you are facing the possibility of foreclosure, contact Attorney Daniel S. Khwaja for a no obligation, FREE initial consultation.

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We Are On Your Side

Attorney Daniel S. Khwaja has worked with countless Illinois homeowners facing the tragedy of foreclosure.

As an Illinois Foreclosure Lawyer, Mr. Khwaja has saved homeowners from losing their properties. Each foreclosure case, situation, and goals of homeowners are unique, so outcome may differ. Attorney Khwaja fashions a legal strategy around each client's particular needs.


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What can Illinois Foreclosure Lawyer Daniel S. Khwaja do to help?

1. We can help families get loan modifications and ultimately stay in their homes.

2. We can actively fight the foreclosure, forcing the bank to present the required "hard proof" they MUST have in order to substantiate the merits of their case.

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Illinois bankruptcy lawyer Daniel S. Khwaja can help during this difficult time to provide the information you need to decide if bankruptcy is the right debt relief solution for your situation.

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