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Illinois Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

How to Avoid Risking Foreclosure

One of the more wearying aspects of bankruptcy is the fear of the possibility of foreclosure. For many families, the home represents an integral part of their lives, and is more significant than the four walls and roof. The idea of losing this central point of the family is often daunting and the uncertainty is often stressful and gut-wrenching.

However, losing your home is not a sealed fate. If you are currently facing the possibility of foreclosure act quickly and engage the services of an Illinois foreclosure lawyer who can protect your rights, inform you of your options, and take the necessary action on your behalf to help save your home. When you enlist the help of Illinois Foreclosure Lawyer Daniel S. Khwaja, you can work towards avoiding foreclosure. Attorney Khwaja will be able to sit down with you in an initial case consultation and evaluation to help review the options available to your situation.

Possible Options to Avoid Foreclosure

There are several options generally worth considering carefully as a means of avoiding the risk of losing your home to foreclosure.

  • Loan Modification

    One such option is a loan modification. A loan medication involves renegotiating the terms of your home loan with your lender to bring the payment terms or even mortgage balance in line with what you can reasonably afford to pay. This makes it possible for you to make your payments in a timely and more complete manner.

    • Warning: Until Finalized, a Loan Modification May Not Stop Foreclosure

      Do be aware, however, that working with the lender on a loan modification may not stop the foreclosure. This is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable Illinois foreclosure lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected and you remain informed and represented in any ongoing foreclosure proceedings as your loan modification is being considered.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Another option to fight foreclosure that may be worth giving careful thought and considerable to is filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows you to discharge certain debts, and puts an automatic stay or “stop” to all foreclosure actions against your home and creditor harassment for the duration of the bankruptcy proceedings. Depending on your individual circumstance, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy might offer you some debt relief, and in some instances may discharge second mortgages. A Chapter 7 maybe be a viable solution to ease your financial burdens so you able to affordably make mortgage payments, should you decide to file bankruptcy.

Legal Aid for Fighting Foreclosure in Illinois

Illinois Foreclosure Attorney Daniel S. Khwaja has seen the toll on families facing the possibility of foreclosure. Attorney Daniel S. Khwaja approach each client with compassion, and is aware of what is at stake. Attorney Khwaja knows what it takes to help his clients, and remain dedicated to fighting for their future. If you are facing the possibility of foreclosure contact Attorney Daniel S. Khwaja and let him help you work towards the best possible chance of success in protecting your rights and to fight off your foreclosure.

Contact an Illinois Foreclosure Lawyer

If you have received notice that you have gone into default on your home loan or mortgage, it is critical that you take immediate action to protect your rights and exercise the best options available to you. Contact Illinois Foreclosure Lawyer Daniel S. Khwaja today. Take advantage of Attorney Khwaja's extensive knowledge and understanding of the law surrounding foreclosures and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Attorney Daniel S. Khwaja can provide you with information to fight off your foreclosure, including showing you how to leverage a bankruptcy to your advantage, should you choose to file for bankruptcy.

Illinois Foreclosure Lawyer Daniel S. Khwaja offers a free initial consultation and case evaluation. If you choose to work with us, you may be able to live in your house during the foreclosure process. What are you waiting for? Protect your home, family and future, and contact us now to schedule your free initial consultation.


Illinois Lawyer Daniel S. Khwaja handles cases pertaining to Chapter 7 bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, foreclosure rescue, lender fraud, and renter eviction defense. Schedule Your FREE Initial Consultation.

Learn about your options, protect your rights. We can help. Contact us today.

Affordable Residential Foreclosure Defense

6-month Flat Fee Only $2,400*

12-month Flat Fee Only $4,800*

What can Illinois Foreclosure Lawyer Daniel S. Khwaja do to help families who are about to lose their homes? There are two ways to help, depending on the situation.

1. We can help families get loan modifications and ultimately stay in their homes.

2. We can actively fight the foreclosure, forcing the bank to "prove" the merits of their case.

*Fees listed are in US Dollars ($) and exclude applicable and separate court filings fees, etc. | Flexible payment options available.
Flexible Payment Options - Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Credit Cards payment available except for Bankruptcy Services

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Illinois foreclosure attorney Daniel Khwaja wants people facing foreclosure to know they have options. The biggest misconception is that they cannot afford a lawyer; however, Mr. Khwaja offers very affordable rates.

During the FREE initial consultation, he outlines several options including the "Cash for Keys" program, loan modification, and the required "hard proof" lenders MUST have to attempt foreclosing.

Contact Daniel S. Khwaja, Esq. for a free Foreclosure case evaluation.

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